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Header Test
.: Publication date 16-Dec-2003 :: Reads: 4406 :: Reviews: 2 :: Print current page :: Print all:.

Well the Header test was a success and is finally over. We are going to compile the data this week and release the results ASAP. For those that are waiting to see how their header did, don't worry all headers were impressive and very comparable. Ryan, thanks for the use of your ITR, it proved to be very strong. The baseline on his car proved to be 176 hp/119 tq, very respectable for a fairly stock ITR. The highest header reached a peak of 190 hp and the lowest was still a respectable 185 hp. As you can see we will have to resort to laying out the data to see which header performed the best throughout the powerband.

Header Results: Individual Dyno Results

JDM Jundownload --- View HP/TQ 186/ 138
JDM Spoondownload --- View HP/TQ 187/ 138
JDM ITR 4-1download --- View HP/TQ 185/ 137
Mugan mod. hytechdownload --- View HP/TQ 187/ 136
DC JDM 4-1download --- View HP/TQ 187/ 137
Comptech 4-2-1download --- View HP/TQ 187/ 137
JDM Todadownload --- View HP/TQ 190/ 137
JDM Mugendownload --- View HP/TQ 186/ 135
SMSP headerdownload --- View HP/TQ 190/ 136
Type 1 download --- View HP/TQ 186/ 137
2.5" exhaust/test pipedownload --- View HP/TQ 180/ 131
Stockdownload --- View HP/TQ 176/ 119
SMSP / Todadownload --- View Overlay ----NEW
DC JDM / Type 1download --- View Overlay

Please note credits for these tests go to automotiveperformanceengineering.com, however their website is no longer available, so I'm providing them here