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Spoon Air Filter
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DC2 Spoonsports filter

Tested o­n?
A 1998 JDM 98 Spec Integra Type R

Couldn't be easier, just a few bolts and you can take out the old filter element and put this o­ne in. Simple!

Although not as noisy as a induction kit this replacement filter is a very good modification. The car feels better low down, which is where the Integra really needs a bit of a boost. I'm a bit skeptical about induction kits for the Integra, as the airbox is o­ne of the higest flowing boxes around and really is a strong performer as stock. Although certain CAI kits claim 20bhp I think that's a bit of a dream. Maybe 2-5bhp at best is to be expected with Integras

I got my filter shipped in from the US for £95 all inc. While this isn't cheap, it's a better price than I could have got in in the UK for!

Not a bad little mod, feels stronger across the rev range than stock, but no growl like a induction kit (to be expected, I know) I'll try a AEM v2 kit when the weather picks up a bit here, or if someone offers me o­ne for cheap!!

Added:  Friday, September 26, 2003

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