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Field SFC VTEC/MIVEC Controller
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What is it?
The Field SFC units main function is to alter the VVT changeover point, Fuelling can also be adjusted at 100rpm increments to ensure smooth operation. Using the controller, you can also view your speed/revs and set up a beep when you reach a specified rpm

Using the wiring harness that is supplied (for extra though) from field, it's a nice simple job to get this installed. Just plug it straight into the ECU and you're away

Ease of use
Pretty simple, adjustments can be made o­n the fly. A english copy of the manual can be found at http://www.fastjapcars.com/sfc_manual.pdf

To be honest, this is more of a toy than a tuning tool. Any performance gains are going to be slight, maybe decent results could be gained from some time o­n a rolling road. The unit also seems to struggle with MIVEC's the default setting is overfuelling the car in my opinion, so probably best to use this just with VTEC's

Just a fancy toy, no real performance gains, and the problems with MIVEC's. If you get offered o­ne for cheap, consider it then, but other than that it just isn't worth the money

Added:  Thursday, March 06, 2003

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