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OBX Gravity Control System (coil over kit)
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Tested o­n
My 1996 Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg-Zr

This isn't the most simple suspension kit to fit to be honest, it looks like OBX don't really make it very model specific. Not so much of a problem if you've got a clued up mechanic to do the job.

How Low?
If you want your car low, this is the kit for you. o­n full height adjustment o­n the rear, my car is still pretty low. Adjustment isn't exactly as easy as they would like to make out, so o­nce you've got it setup, it's probably not going to get fiddled with too much. Personally, I've set it up so that it's quite low, but I can still go over speed bumps and kerbs won't rip my bumper off

On the road the car feels a lot tighter and more responsive. Despite my best efforts to chuck it out at 65mph o­n a roundabout, it just refused to lose grip! Very impressive, but I think that when it does let go, it'll do it pretty badly and you'll be left wondering what the hell just happened. Slight clunks can be heard over large potholes and the like, but this is expected

Value For Money
Well, at £220 for the set from http://www.funkyproduct.co.uk it's not too bad. If you need adjustable springs, it's not so much more than a good set of progressive lowered springs

Well, I'm pretty happy with my set, but if a company with a better reputuation made them, I think I'd go for them instead. Just becuase of the way that they seem to be generic springs and aren't really suited just for my car

Added:  Thursday, March 06, 2003

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