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HKS Super Power Flow Intake
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Tested o­n

My 1996 Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg-Zr and a 1998 Honda Integra type-r

Perfect, very grumbly at low revs, but screams at high revs. Seems very well matched to VVT cars

On the road you can feel the difference that getting rid of the standard airbox makes, add to that the heads turning and it's a winner!

Here's where the filter doesn't perform very well. After reading some tests o­n the internet it would seem that this doesn't perform very well at filtering out dirt. Here's a pic I "borrowed" from http://www.gtrowner.co.uk (thanks guys) Basically they sucked a load of dust particles through a vacuum cleaner and observed how much of the dirt the air filter filtered out

              HKS                      Apexi

Value for money
Well, it sure as hell isn't cheap, £150 is a lot for a chunk of plastic with a bit of filter in it.

Performs great o­n the road, shame about the filtration. My advice is to look to the Apexi Power Intake, which gives good filtration + performance

Added:  Wednesday, March 05, 2003

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