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Spoonsports ECU
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Here is the information from Takakaira.co.jp, I'll have a full review here soon.

In the development of this sports computer, data pertaining to fuel consumption, ignition timing, and other normal-computer characteristics was analysed from the point-of-view of fuel consumption, noise, exhaust-gas emissions, ageing, and the like.

Consequently, it was possible to realise a specification, which would allow any vehicle occupant to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Spoon has received requests for increased output and better response in racing-type situations; accordingly, development was advanced in consideration of a wide range of conditions, and testing was subsequently carried out.

By setting the computer's characteristics in ranges of stability for overall fuel injection, gas-emission temperature, ignition timing, and other similar factors, it was possible to successfully develop a computer, which realises high levels of power output.

Furthermore, regardless of whether a Spoon-manufactured computer or the STD mass-production component is used, it becomes necessary to include an air-cleaner box in the air-intake system, and with a simple, mushroom-type product, the inertial force of the intake air cannot be utilised and a torque insufficiency develops.

Meanwhile, as long as a flow rate equivalent to, or better than that of genuine-part is available in the exhaust system, no associated problems will be expected to occur. However, it is important to note that no added benefit may be obtained through the fitting of large-diameter muffler pipes or the like.

Please note that product specifications will change in accordance with model, type, frame number and other similar characteristics.

Added:  Wednesday, March 05, 2003

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