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Category: Main :: Model Specific Q&As -> Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg


I need a new set of HT leads for my Cyborg, where can I get them from?

Magnecor (01675 465 166) now do a set of KV85 competition leads for the Cyborg R (Thanks to Noel James)

The part number you need is 45401

What Spark Plugs Should I Use?

Give NGK BKR7EKC-N-11 a try, these are the standard plugs

How can I get a Cyborg in the UK?

You could try asking Dunk (Our resident car importer) aside from that maybe http://www.webcars.net would be able to help out. At last resort, I've seen a couple at http://www.findit.co.uk dunno why but they just don't seem to appear in Autotrader

How simple is an 1800 conversion?

The basic idea is pretty simple. The bottom end from a 4G93 should be nice and simple to fit to a 2nd Gen MIVEC. Since the gearbox is on the drivers side on 1st Gen MIVECs I don't think it's possible for them.

Stay tuned for a full report once I get it done ;-)
RPW recommend uprating the pistons to make sure that they take the 11.0:1 compression ratio. All other internals like the crankshaft will be from the 4G92 as the stroke is the same, but the bore sizes are different

What Oil Filter Should I get?

The Mitsubishi part number for the Cyborg-Zr is MD135737

What gearbox oil should I use?

Castrol VMX GL4 is the oil used by Mitsubishi