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Category: Main :: VVT Q&As -> MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing and lift Electronic Control)


My MIVEC isn't coming in, what's wrong?

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) controls a relay to switch on when the MIVEC cams should come in. The ECU must use a relay becuase it needs to step up the current to activate the solenoid that activates the MIVEC. This relay is probably behind the centre console part of your car (like behind your stereo) But I haven't verified this yet.

The other usual suspect is the OCV (Oil Control Valve) either they aren't being fed correctly from the wires connecting from the top of the rocker cover (look for cracks etc) or the control valves themselves are faulty. The can be tested in one of the following ways...

1. Measure resistance across the plug on the OCV side. At 20 degrees C it should fall between 6 and 7.5 Ohms.

2. Fit test leads to the pins in the plug (OCV side again) and connect to the battery. Manual shows which is + and which is -. A distinctly audible switch in/out should be heard.

Remember that the MIVEC switch is hydraulic and runs on oil pressure. The OCV is just a oil pickup with a solenoid. This opens to let oil pressurise a mechanical actuator that changes the operation of the camshafts on its side of the engine

So, maybe the problem is just as simple as needing some new oil.

My Check Engine Light is coming on, is there anything I can do??

Well, aside from taking it to Mitsubishi and making use of their MUT2 tester, here's some information from Rich of Derestricted.net that might be of some use to you

I had my "Check Engine" light (CEL) coming on intermittently and loosing MIVEC and the engine generally "bogging". Anyway it was tracked down to the MAP sensor / MAP sensor plug/wiring as I could get the light to turn off (and engine run normal by giving the wires a bit of a wiggle). Anyway it got to the point where yesterday the CEL wouldn't turn off no matter how much I wiggled the wires, so took it apart today and found the wire had broken inside the connector, after a bit of soldering and rewiring (cut off about 4 inches of wire and replaced with new as I didn't trust original wire), it's all up and running fine. worth checking out if you have similar problems and on mine the MAP sensor is right up the top of the engine bay and probably gets very hot (not good for the wires with all that expanding and contracting)

What cars have MIVEC?

Well, there is a lot of talk on the net about special edition this and that. Sadly there is very little proof, so I'm only going to tell you the main production line models and engines....

4G92 - 1.6L 4cyl Mirage, Lancer
6A12 - 2L V6 FTO, Galant
6G74 - 3.5L V6 Pajero

Mitsubishi engine code refers to the cubic capacity + number of cylinders. So you can have a 4G92 that doesn't have the MIVEC head

My Car has failed emissions tests!!

Other than making sure that the engine is running nice and hot, a nice simple way to get through the test is to use a SFC-VTEC controller

Yes, they do work for MIVECs as well, just in case you're wondering if I've lost the plot... Just adjust the fuelling all the way down and you should pass the emissions tests with flying colours